Below you'll find games which have recently been updated by their developers.
Many games on lewdspot.com are actively being developed, we will bring you the latest updates as soon as we can and post about them here.


The Monastery
Step into the shoes of a priest sent to a convent of nuns to investigate a series of mysterious incidents.
Become Someone
An adult life simulator, start as a college student and choose a path towards meeting lots of women!
My Future Wife
Ha-Young Kim, a gorgeous Asian girl you've been with since highschool is destined to become your wife, or is she..?
Croft Adventures
Follow the adventures of this famous female archaeologist and lead her through various sticky situations.
Solvalley School
A nerdy teenager attempts to win as many girls as possible for him.
The Genesis Order
Take the role of a novice detective and meet the most gorgeous women.
Brothel Megacorporation
Run your own brothel. Start small, earn money, grow your reputation and expand your empire.
Help a young guy with no life experience and limited resources get rich and get all the pussy he can dream of.
Zombie's Retreat 2
Fight zombies, construct your home base, and rescue beautiful female survivors!
Love and Corruption
Text based porn RPG, discover a world with different types of creatures, races, spells and locations.
Beef in the City
A guy moves in with his girlfriend and ultimately finds himself knee-deep in a whole lot of trouble.
A Spell For All
A magical text based porn game with a huge open world to be explored.
Become Taxi Driver
Drive around town as a rookie taxi driver, earn cash, upgrade your car and keep an eye out for the ladies!
Masters of Raana
Open-world Sci-Fi fantasy RPG, start your new life on the planet of Raana.
Renryuu Ascension
Be a half-dragon and explore a kingdom stuffed with forbidden fruit in this open world RPG.