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Welcome to Lewdspot, we have a selection of adult porn games to play right here in your browser. Most games are designed to run on PC or Mac and can be played fullscreen. We strive for compatibility with mobile devices where possible. (look for the "MOB" tag)
Many games are actively being developed and content is added regularly, we will update the games accordingly on this site.


Degrees of Lewdity
Text based RPG game, start a new life as a student and see what lewd adventures you end up in..
GrowUp RP
Step into the shoes of a high school student and help shape their unique adult journey.
Zombie's Retreat 2
Fight zombies, construct your home base, and rescue beautiful female survivors!
The last man on Earth stumbles upon what might be the last woman.. or are there more survivors?
Masters of Raana
Open-world Sci-Fi fantasy RPG, start your new life on the planet of Raana.
Become Someone
An adult life simulator, start as a college student and choose a path towards meeting lots of women!
Lust Doll Plus
Explore a post-apocalyptic future world with your custom sex doll character.
Help a young guy with no life experience and limited resources get rich and get all the pussy he can dream of.


Free Cities

Text based slave management game, take the role of a wealthy slaveholder.
Long Live the Princess

A detective RPG in a medieval setting. Dive deep into the affairs of a town plagued by deceit, backstabbing and murder..
Parasite Infection

You're abducted by aliens and brought into some sort of biological testing program.
The Tyrant

Play as a young male whos attempts at various relationships can lead to rough times, both within your relationships and with rivals who are after your girls..
Realms of Lust

Enter a vast world of magic and sex, multiple routes to explore and characters to meet.
A Wife's Phone

Observe and control the women in your life using a unique app.
Dungeon Slaves

Play as a busty elf in a fantasy world controlled by orcs and monsters.

Try to seduce hot female survivors in a post apocalyptic world.