Transformation porn games, play online

We've selected 8 games that focus on gender transformation or bimbofication, both MTF and FTM. (male to female, female to male)


A Spell For All
A magical text based porn game with a huge open world to be explored, cast spells to shape your surroundings to your liking.
My Demon Friend
An adventure RPG game with real porn visuals. In My Demon Friend you are visited at night by a naughty demon, resulting in lewd quests to undertake at daytime.
The Company
The Company is an online erotic adventure game with real life porn photos and video. Choose your own character and watch the story unfold.
College Daze
College Daze is an adventure RPG game for adults with real porn video and pics. Step into the shoes of a freshman with supernatural abilities.
Perverted Education
An adult visual novel game with real porn pics and gifs. It's kinky storyline focusses on male submission and feminisation.
A gender transformation story game, take the role of a young university student who fascinatingly transforms into a beautiful girl.
Student X-Change Program
Student X-Change Program is a interactive porn novel. Start university life as a beautiful woman and watch how the story unfolds.
Academy of Fetishes
Play as a school principal in this visual novel style game, choose your favorite fetish and watch how the story unfolds
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