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Back to Freedom
Take the role of a former soldier who is starting a new life after spending time in prison.
Bad Teacher
Take the role of a handsome teacher (sexgod) in a school full of attractive girls (sluts).
Battle Quest
Old school RPG, venture into the unknown, complete quests and defeat all evil.
Become Alpha
Hilarious visual novel with real porn pics. Help a beta male on his quest to become alpha!
Become Someone
An adult life simulator, start as a college student and choose a path towards meeting lots of women!
Become Taxi Driver
Drive around town as a rookie taxi driver, earn cash, upgrade your car and keep an eye out for the ladies!
Beef in the City
A guy moves in with his girlfriend and ultimately finds himself knee-deep in a whole lot of trouble.
Bimbo Life Coach
A financially struggling businessman starts a "Bimbo Life Coach" service..
Booby Roofs
Explore and have some adult fun in the city! Earn money by mining bitchcoins, winning poker games and visiting casinos.
Gather a harem of women to be as reproductive as possible in this text based resource management sim.
Brothel Megacorporation
Run your own brothel. Start small, earn money, grow your reputation and expand your empire.